Ooppoottil Group

Situated in the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India, Kurian Abraham Private Limited(KAPL) is part of the Ooppoottil Group of companies.  The Ooppoottil Group ventured into the field of rubber plantations in 1945 with the setting up of the Velimalai Rubber Co. Ltd.

The late Mr. Kurian Abraham started Kurian Abraham Private Limited as a proprietary concern in the year 1955.  The firm was engaged in marketing latex.  In 1958 a factory was set up for processing latex.  Today we are the largest processors of centrifuged latex in India with an output capacity of 100 metric tones per day.  Expansion did not stop with just processing latex. In 1986 the company ventured into the field of technically specified natural rubber to process ISNR 20 (Internationally known as SMR 20).  In 1989 a factory was set up to manufacture surgical gloves and other forms of latex gloves.  We take pride of place as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of latex based range of surgical, examination, gynecological,industrial and household gloves.  Besides capturing a major market share in India, our gloves are exported to USA, Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa.  The new millennium has seen Kurian Abraham Private Limited embark into the field speciality grades of pre-vulcanised lattices. We have a technical collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Revertex of Malaysia to produce and market their superior grades of pre-vulcanised lattices in India.