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Active policies of environment friendly practices are followed, involving employee training, resource conservation and material control.  Effluents from the latex plants and the glove plants are thoroughly processed and converted into usable water.  Part of this cleaned water is recycled for the factory operations and the rest is used for irrigation at our vegetable farms situated within the factory premises.  A series of gasifiers have been installed to meet the energy requirements, for reducing the dependence on non-renewable sources and for minimizing the toxic emissions.

Wind Farm Division

In the year 1993 we thought of contributing to the nation's energy requirement by investing in Wind Energy Generation. Renewable non-conventional energy generated at our own windmill farms, set up in co-operation with the State Government, meets the entire internal energy requirements.  Excess power is sold to the Tamilnadu Electricity Board.

The year 2006 was a watershed year for Kurian Abraham Pvt. Ltd.  For the first time in the history of the Indian industry a rubber based manufacturing industry was awarded the prestigious ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for environmentally safe production practices.  Until now, the general impression was that it is was not possible to get ISO 14001 certification for rubber based industries as the processing of natural rubber latex is bound to generate large quantity of effluent. 

KAPL's commitment for environmentally safe manufacturing practices and procedures has nullified this myth and proven that even in the rubber industry ISO: 14001 accreditation is very much feasible.  And the fact that all of KAPL's manufacturing units received this accreditation simultaneously is no small achievement.