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The Velimalai Rubber Company oversees the plantation divisions of the Ooppoottil Group.  The company ventured into the field of rubber plantations with the establishment of the Velimalai Estate in 1944.  Today the Velimalai Rubber Company manages extensive areas of plantations located on the South Western Ghats, spread over the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  Rubber is the primary crop that is cultivated, with coffee and cardamom coming in a close second and third respectively.  The other major crops cultivated are pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, cloves and cashew.

Velimalai Estate

The Velimalai Estate was set up in 1904 with the Ooppoottil group acquiring it in 1944.  This plantation is situated on the southern most tip of Western Ghats called the Veli ranges and forms a majestic backdrop to the Padmanabhapuram Palace, the erstwhile capital of the Travencore Kings.  Rubber is the major crop that is cultivated here. Scientific methods of cultivation, like systematic re-plantation with high yielding clones are practiced here.  The results of these methods are evident from the fact that the plantation's yield per hectare for the rubber is among the highest in India.  About 1350 acres is solely dedicated to cultivate rubber.  At the higher elevations, spices like pepper, vanilla, nutmeg and cloves and cashew are grown.  Recently the plantation has further expanded its crop portfolio to include aromatic plants like lemon grass and patchouli.

Koothatukulam Estate

This plantation was set up in 1929 with the Velimalai Rubber Company acquiring it in 1955.  Koothatukulam Estate is located in the verdant surroundings of Chittar in Kerala very close to the famous pilgrimage center of Sabarimala.  Here again rubber is the primary crop cultivated, spread over 300 acres.  Pepper and Cocoa make up for the other major yields from this plantation. 

Oriental Estate 

Established in 1885 the Oriental Estate was taken over by the Velimalai Rubber Company in 1988.  The Oriental Estate extending to about 510 acres is situated in the picturesque Nelliampathy range of hills of Palakkad, Kerala.  The Nelliampathy forest hills, the form part of the ecologically rich biosphere that extends to the Parambickulam Tiger Reserve and Silent Valley.  This is one of few plantations in India were cultivation of crops is done within a forest atmosphere. Coffee and Cardamom make up for the major crops with Vanilla, Pepper and Nutmeg being the minor crops cultivated.

Thottackad  Estate 

Like the Oriental Estate, Thottackad Estate too was established in 1885. However it came under the administration of the Velimalai Rubber Company only in 1992. This plantation is also situated in Nelliampathy and borders the reserve forests, which extends all the way to Silent Valley. As a result this plantation is a veritable wildlife reserve with sightings of lion tailed macaques, leopards, sambar and bison quite common. The major two crops cultivated at Thottackad Estate are Cardamom and Coffee.