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Mr. Kurian Abraham

Hardly any company in India can claim the tradition and leadership of the Ooppoottil Group in the field of latex processing and latex gloves production.  The group today has two feathers in its cap.  India's largest latex concentrate processor and the country's largest latex gloves producer.  The trajectory of this exuberant growth rising from the scratch to the zenith is exciting by any count.

The late Kurian Abraham, father of Mr. A Kurian, the present Managing Director of Kurian Abraham Private Limited, set up a centrifuging latex plant with an early model of the De-Laval latex separator (L 779) imported from Denmark, the daily output of which was only 2,055 kg.  This set in motion supply of standardised latex concentrate from the estate sector of India with technical specifications.

Glove Production

There are two major units for production of gloves under the Ooppoottil Group, the Kurian Abraham Private Limited (KAPL) and the Kanam Latex Industries Private Limited (KLIP).  These produce a wide range of gloves best suited to healthcare, industrial and household sectors.  While medical gloves, especially surgical gloves, find easy acceptance in the sophisticated markets overseas, major share of the industrial and household gloves enjoy prime position in the domestic market.  The manufacturing units are situated on a total area of 530,000 sq. ft. with an imposing built up area of over 250,000 sq. ft. in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu.

Today the production capacity is 480 million pieces per annum, and has witnessed a growth of 1730% over a period of 18 years. The group is the largest manufacturer of surgical gloves in India!  It's brands used all over India both in private and Government hospitals, enjoys a commanding 40% market share in India.  And 45% of the installed capacity is exported to countries like the US, the European Union, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, Uganda and Australia.

Team at the helm

De-Laval Latex Separator (L 779)

Operations of all three companies are looked after by an enterprising band of family stalwarts.  While Mr. A. Kurian, elder of the brothers, functions as the Managing Director of Kurian Abraham Limited and Chairman of the Ooppoottil Group, Mr. A Jacob, second brother, who is a Chartered Accountant and Managing Director of the Velimalai Rubber Company, has taken it upon himself,  the task of looking after the finances of the entire Ooppoottil group of companies,  bringing fiscal discipline to overall functioning.

Mr. Ravi Abraham, the youngest brother who is Managing Director of the Kanam Latex Industries, has been responsible for catapulting Kanam Latex into the premier surgical glove manufacturer in India.

The young generation is also shouldering responsibilities under the able guidance of the
elder three. M/s Abraham C Jacob and Philip C Jacob, sons of Mr. A. Jacob function as Directors, respectively of the Kanam Latex Industries and the Kurian Abraham Private Limited, looking after market promotion and product development of the respective concerns. 

Mr. Praveen Mathew manages the entire domestic and international marketing responsibilities of KAPL and heads the quality control department.  He has been instrumental in implementing the ISO standards at all the production and processing units. Ms.Talita Abraham, Director of the Latex Industries, functions as the client relations executive and export documentation expert. 

All of them are ably assisted by a team of technology savvy chemists, management personnel, office staff and workforce with a high sense of dedication, hallmark of a progressive organization to be sure. With an illustrious past where challenges were turned into opportunities for further growth, and with equally bright prospects ahead signified by the worthy programmes under implementation, the Ooppoottil Group is set to scale new heights in the not too distant future.